Quikhenna 100% Powder Organic Hair Color - 2N Soft Black 60 GM

This natural hair color powder combines 22 rare herbs to deliver a gentle yet effective coloring solution. Free from harsh chemicals like PPD, peroxide, and ammonia, it offers a safer alternative to conventional dyes. The organic formula not only colors hair but also nourishes it, enhancing shine and overall health. Application is simple and can be done at home in about 45 minutes, with the use of a hair dryer recommended for best results. The kit provides everything needed: three sachets of the herbal powder, an applicator brush, a hair cap, gloves, and clear instructions. Suitable for all skin types, this product promises salon-quality results without the potential irritants found in many commercial hair dyes. It's designed to offer a convenient, effective, and gentler approach to hair coloring for those seeking a more natural option.
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Quikhenna 100% Powder Organic Hair Color - 2N Soft Black 60 GM

Quikhenna 100% Powder Organic Hair Color - 2N Soft Black 60 GM

Rs. 450.00

Quikhenna 100% Powder Organic Hair Color - 2N Soft Black 60 GM

Rs. 450.00

Magical Quick Henna Inside

Introducing our Magical Quick Henna Med Potent Powder and Absolute Gel – the ultimate hair care duo for vibrant, healthy hair. The Med Potent Powder, a powerful blend dominated by Indian Cassia and enhanced with Senna and a unique mix of 13 medicinal herbs, serves as a natural colorant and nourishing hair mask. It delivers rich, vibrant color while providing essential nourishment for strong, lustrous locks. Paired with our Absolute Gel, an aloe vera-based oxidizer gel infused with extracts from six botanicals, this dynamic combination ensures optimal color development and scalp health. Experience the perfect fusion of nature and science with our Quick Henna solutions for unparalleled hair color and care.


Aloevera: Aloe vera has many active ingredients, it also controls greasy hair and helps an  itchy scalp.
Gotu Kola ( Centella asiatica) Strengthens hair and promote  hair growth.
Amla: Amla strengthens the scalp and hair. Reduce premature pigment loss from hair, or greying.

Why Choose QuikHenna?

Ayurvedic and organic formulation, free from harsh chemicals and synthetic dyes.

Easy-to-follow instructions and mess-free application for a salon-like experience at home.

Cruelty-free and eco-friendly, adhering to sustainable practices.

Trusted brand with a commitment to providing natural, effective hair care solutions.


This natural hair color solution offers a range of benefits for users seeking a gentler approach to hair care. Its hypoallergenic formula is designed to minimize the risk of allergic reactions, making it suitable for those with sensitive scalps.
The product boasts complete coverage of grey hair, ensuring a uniform and youthful appearance. Beyond coloring, it works to maintain the natural shine and luster of your hair shaft, preventing the dull, lifeless look often associated with chemical dyes.
Additionally, the nourishing herbal ingredients help repair damaged hair, improving its overall health and texture. This multifaceted approach not only colors your hair but also contributes to its strength and vitality, offering a comprehensive hair care solution in one product.


Step 1: Take out required powder from the pack and mix with luke warm water.

Step 2: Make paste, which is easily spreadable on hair and does not drip.

Step 3: Apply the paste immediately with applicator brush.

Step 4: Now, cover Hair with Shower Cap quickly which helps in retaining oxidation of herbs under warm moist  conditions

Step 5: In winters or less than 250c temperature - Apply warm air through Hair dryer over shower cap. After minimum span of 45 minutes

Step 6: After 15 minutes, Again repeat the warm air treatment. Be careful not to melt the plastic  cap

Step 7: Simply thoroughly rinse with plain water after15 min. & dry it properly, but do not shampoo immediately as it will remove applied  color faster

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help finding an answer to your question? Ask our customer support

Email: support@quikhenna.com, Phone: +91-9459458282/9459453838

The duration of our hair color varies depending on factors such as hair type, hair care routine, and the specific shade chosen. Generally, our semi-permanent colors last up to 8 washes, while our permanent colors can last up to 6-8 weeks.

Yes, our hair color formulas are dermatologically tested and are safe for use on sensitive scalps. However, if you have known allergies or sensitivities, we recommend conducting a patch test prior to full application.

Yes, our hair color can be used on previously dyed hair. However, the final result may vary depending on the existing color and condition of your hair. For best results, we recommend performing a strand test to assess the outcome before applying the color to the entire hair.

Our hair color formulations are free from ammonia and other harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. We prioritize using gentle yet effective ingredients to ensure a pleasant coloring experience without compromising hair health.

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